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20 African American women from the USA shared in song and testimony as we shared a oneness in Christ which really was a little taste of Heaven (but with photos….lots of photos!)Lott Carey - 4 Our little Church was blessed with fellowship and gifts from the ladies representing many Baptist Churches under the banner of the Lott Cary organisation which was named after an African American son of a slave who was the first Missionary with African origins to reach out into Africa. Born in 1780, Lott Cary was an American Baptist minister and lay physician, who was instrumental in the founding of the Colony of Liberia in the 1820’s in Africa. An inspirational man who inspired a mighty movement! What a privilege and honour to have been able to share in the blessings of this godly legacy right here in Urban Aboriginal Australia. Thank y’all for coming so far to encourage us! We hope you love your Tim Tams and please DO come again!

We felt a connection in the Lord and in some ways of a shared history as we remembered the Fisk Jubilee Singers who were a choir of emancipated slaves visiting here in Victoria in 1886. Bura Fera is a song now made famous in the movie the Sapphires. It was a song which they shared with the people of Maloga that was translated into Yorta Yorta!. Our little church was able to sing that song for these lovely visitors who appreciated the connection of the songs of Faith and Freedom that drive us forward in HOPE… Bura Fera history

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